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Our New Office Space with D’lusso Event Furnishings and Brainworks!

New Office Space for Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design!

I am SO excited to announce that Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design finally has a new downtown home! Sharing an office space with the talented and gorgeous team of woman at D’Lusso Event Furnishings, we are now setup on the second floor of the Mercer Warehouse located at Suite 200, 10363 104 Street in the heart of downtown! 

A little history on the Mercer Warehouse: CLICK HERE

The office is home to D’lusso Event Furnishings, a new company to Edmonton headed by the mastermind, Maria Feliciani. Specializing in unique and high end furniture rentals, they are sure to bring a WOW factor to any event with their unusual decor options for any type of event; wedding, corporate, etc. D’Lusso strives to provide luxurious, exclusive styles in modern contemporary furniture and decor at competitive rental rates. Creating opulent and unique designs for every occasion, the team prides themselves on providing only the highest quality of service.

Also sharing in this amazing space are the boys of BrainworksBrain Works Media Solutions is a company which specializes in full Custom Web Design, from simple websites to complex e-commerce solutions. Along with Web Design we also offer; Graphic Design for any promotional media you have in mind, Brand Development, Focus Groups, Market Research to assist and support new ventures or new product/service launches, Marketing and Promotional strategies and campaigns, Social Media Strategies and Management, and lastly Promotional Video Development all designed to maximize your business’ potential

Come in and meet the crew! We have a lot of fun in the office, and are always open to sharing a bottle of wine with new clients!

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Pooja and Bryan – July 30th, 2011

AGA Awesomeness!

Pooja and Bryan were one of the most down to earth, humble couples I have ever met. Both being ridiculously smart, good looking, and all-around fun people, it was a true pleasure to get to know this couple as well as I did over the course of the year and a half we worked together! 

To this day, Pooja still rants and raves about the amazing job that Janine Sebastian, (formerly of La Piazza Dasee), did on the florals… Her mouth literally dropped when she walked through the door and there in front of her was a sea of towering delicious pink florals creations! “It was EXACTLY what I wanted, and EXACTLY what Janine had promised” Pooja told me on the day of her wedding when the couple first caught glimpse of the room! She then continued with her excitement about the meticulous details that the Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design staff put into every square foot of the venue and was in absolute ‘awww’ of the cake designed by Ailynn of Whimsical Cake Studio

I look forward to my continued friendship with Pooja and Bryan, and am so grateful still that I was chosen to be their planner. They’re an unreal couple and I am so blessed to know them!


Wedding Planning & Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design

Photography: Elaine and Kenneth of Just Married Photography

Florals: Janine Sebastian of La Piazza Dasee

Cake: Ailynn of Whimsical Cake Studio

Venue: Art Gallery Of Alberta / Hotel MacDonald

Decor Rentals: Special Event Rentals

Draping and Lighting: QSD

Catering: Zinc Catering

Hair and Makeup: Kori Obi Wahs of Huh? What! Hair Design

Here are some great moments throughout their day;

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Benny and Holly – July 16th, 2011

Architecture and Florals = The Perfect Combination!

I was SO excited to begin working with this couple after the very first time I met with them! I was itching for something different, and someone to let me “go there”, and this couple definitely delivered on that!

Benny works at a bank, and Holly is a full time student – Who LOVES to shop! I believe that every time we met she was rocking the latest from Bebe or Coach, and I was always super jealous! They are a very stylish couple, with a sophisticated side to them beyond their years… However, once I got to know them a little more, I saw the crazy fun side to them! We had a blast working together from the beginning, and I was SUPER upset that I would not be there on the day of the wedding to see it executed to perfection, as I had another wedding the same day. I know I left them in GREAT hands with Jacquie, and I owe the successes of the day coordination to her and the amazing team at the Art Gallery of Alberta. They truly brought mine and the couples vision to life and made it everything they’ve ever dreamt of. 

I know Holly and Benny have a very exciting life ahead of them, and I was honored to have had the chance to get to know them and become friends. Their future holds a lot of success for these two, and they deserve every bit of it!


Wedding Planning and Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design

Venue: Art Gallery Of Alberta

Photography: Johwanna Alleyne of To Be In Pictures

Day Of Coordination: Jacquie Kelly 

Flowers: Janine Sebastian of La Piazza Dasee

Lighting and Draping/Custom Arches: Karin Hoogland of Site 6 Events

DJ: DJ Kwake from Urban Metropolis

Invitations and Stationary: Notables Stationary

Decor Rentals: Special Event Rentals

Officiant: Bill Medak

Here are some highlights from their big day;

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Cally and Ron – July 3rd, 2011

Picture Perfect for a Princess!

Another one of my 16 weddings from this past July were the lovely and glamorous, Cally and Ron. These two were a treat!

Cally is a dance instructor in the Edmonton area, and she is absolutely stunning. She has a very calm and cool demeanor, and a little bit of a sarcastic and playful edge to her, (which is maybe why we got along perfectly!). Ron is a little bit more quiet, which definitely allowed Cally and I to get what we wanted a lot of the time! :-) We were both on the same page from the get-go, thinking slightly over the top, gold, glittery, bling bling bling, and “in your face” without being offensive!! I definitely think we achieved that… the result was an absolutely unique and breathtaking design, pulled together by a very impressive list of vendors.

This day was exactly what Cally and Ron deserved – A Golden Dream! I could not be happier for the two of them, and wish them a lifetime of happiness together… (And definitely look forward to some martinis and cosmo’s with my girl!).


Wedding Planning & Decor Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design

Floral Artistry: Janine Sebastian and Brittany Nelson of La Piazza Dasee

Venue/Catering: Delta Edmonton South Grand Ballroom (Huge Thank You to Jacquie Kelly!)

Photography: Johwanna Alleyne from To Be In Pictures

Decor Rentals: River City Event Rentals / Special Event Rentals / Elegant Touches Inc.

Hair and Makeup: Kori Obi Wahs of Huh?What! Hair Design


Here are some highlights from their big day;

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Aurelie and Trevor – November 19th, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I am SUPER excited to share this wedding with you all — the marriage of Aurelie Aitchison and Trevor Waschuk! These two are the most adorably cute couple you will ever meet… (I know it is out of order and I still need to Blog more weddings from this past year, but I just could not wait!)

Aurelie is a gorgeous red-head (I love red heads!) with porcelain skin and intense beautiful eyes that draw you in! No wonder Trevor couldn’t resist! Not to mention she comes with THE family that every in-law dreams of. Her mom and dad could not have been happier or more proud of their little girl on the big day, and the tears were definitely flowing. At the ceremony, we had Aurelie and her girls appear from behind a white voile drape, and her father was walking her down the aisle… Just before they were to make their appearance to the guests and Trevor, her dad whispered beautiful words in her ear that had all three of us crying! I kept saying “that’s enough, no more! You’re going to wreck her makeup this early in the day?” :-) It was such a magical moment between the two of them, and you could tell that she means the absolute world to her parents.

It was SO enjoyable planning the wedding with Aurelie and “Mom”, and I believe that their winter wonderland dream came to life; leaving guests speechless and in awe.


Wedding Planning & Decor Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design

Photography: Soul Slate Photography

Venue: Ukrainian Youth Complex

Decor Rentals: Special Event Rentals

Cake and Cake Pops: Annie Dam of Cake Couture

Flowers: La Piazza Dasee

Photography Venue: Matrix Hotel

Wedding Dress: Pronovias


Here are some highlights from their big day:

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Miquela and Jason – July 2nd, 2011

Vintage Carnival-esque Charm

Miquela and Jason, the super model couple! As shockingly gorgeous as these two are on film, it is 1,000,000% more intense in person — And they are SO sweet! Was such a fun wedding to design… and working with an interior designer made it that much more interesting! Bouncing each others thoughts and designs back and forth was part of the excitement, (even though I am possibly the worst artist on the planet and had to describe every drawing in full detail for it to make sense!).

Miquela is an interior designer with Ikea who has a very unique and gorgeous style all her own, and Jason is the manager of a Mac store in Toronto! I believe that I told them both numerous times that they need to be on the covers of Vogue and GQ, but I am MORE than happy that they get to be on the Home Page of! :-) The love between these two is so clear when you meet them in person — one of those couples that has “the look” when they look at each other, that reaches further than just the outside and hits the heart! I enjoyed coloring design pictures with highlighters in Special Event Rentals with Miquela on a couple of occasions, and am so happy with the way everything turned out!


Planning and Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design

Photography: Kelly Redinger Photography

Flowers: Janine Sebastian of La Piazza Dasee

Venues: Ceremony at the Chateau Louis / Reception in the Fort Edmonton Park Hangar

DJ: DJ Kwake from Urban Metropolis

Limo: Spice Of Life

Catering: Elizabethan Catering

Decor Rentals: Special Event Rentals


Here are some highlights from their big day:

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Jeanine and Ryan – May 7th, 2011

Chic Wedding Design

Ever since the first meeting with this couple, I knew that they were going to be a LOT of fun to work with. Ryan and Jeanine are such kind-hearted and easy going people, that it truly was an exceptional experience for me to be able to work with them. Jeanine is a golf pro with a very mature, fun loving personality and Ryan is (basically) a court jester… He is one of the funniest people you would ever meet! The two of them together are such a good time. Ryan is actually credited for bringing “Mo-vember” over to Edmonton, which is very very cool.

I wish this couple a life-time of happiness, and I plan on being there when the day comes for their 25th Anniversary! We will do something even bigger than we did at the wedding! :-)


Planning and Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design

Photography: Johwanna Alleyne of To Be In Pictures

Hair: The Beauty Parlour on Whyte Ave

Make Up: Kori Obi Wahs of Huh? What! Hair Design

Floral Design: Janine Sebastian of La Piazza Dasee

Venue: Trans Alta Arts Barn

Officiant: Bill Medak

Decor Rentals: Special Event Rentals

Here are some highlights from their big day:

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Sherry and Frank Miranda Wedding

October 2nd, 2010 – Atmosphere was delighted to work with Sherry and Frank in planning their big day! Our second wedding for October 2nd, Michael Rolheiser got to lead his very first wedding after working with us this past year in assisting! As well, Natasha Peredery joined the team and together they created magic in assuring the timeline was executed perfectly, the decor and design were flawless, and that Sherry had a smile on her face for the whole evening!

Johwanna Alleyen from deserves all the credit in the world for capturing such magical, memorable and breath-takingly beautiful images! (The BLOG is acting silly and will not let me upload photo’s at this moment… so please check us out on facebook! – link is at bottom of post! -) The location was about an hour outside of Edmonton, on a private lake lot where Sherry and Frank owned a vacation property. Sherry’s son Nolan was also in attendance, and looked SO cute in his little suit.

Be sure to “LIKE” Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design on Facebook to see all of the images from this wedding!

Congrats to both Sherry and Frank, and their family! We wish you all the happiness in the world!

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Had to share this…

Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Design has the absolute pleasure of working with Todd and Pauline for their January 1, 2011 wedding! They are an adorable, fun-loving couple whom I have grown quite fond of and am always excited to meet up with and discuss details and decor design.

Here is a link to their VERY CUTE engagement:

Pauline shared this with me last night, and it is the first time I have seen it! Truly romantic.

That is all for now, I just HAD to share this because I am absolutely in love with it…

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Mark and Miranda Sommerville’s Wedding!

On October 2nd, 2010Atmosphere had the pleasure of working with Mark and Miranda Sommerville in planning and executing their theatrical and whimsical wedding! Here are some highlights:

Engagement Photo

Mark and Miranda Sommerville

The couple began their memory-making stages showcasing their beauty and personality in an engagement photo shoot with Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography,

Mark is a sophisticated charmer, while Miranda is a brilliant beauty! It was clear from day one exactly how much they loved eachother. The first time I met with them, Mark was fairly quiet and let Miranda do most of the talking while he just gazed into her eyes, smiling the entire time. It is always such a treat as a planner to be able to work with two people SO in love and just thrilled to be preparing in the biggest step of their lives!

As you can clearly see in the image to the left, neither one of them had any fun at all during the photo shoot… (Clearly, that was a joke). Linda was able to capture a million emotions in her images, and this one stood out to me as representing exactly who these two are: Youthful. Mature. Sophisticated. Adorable. In Love .  The smile in Miranda’s eyes and the smirk on Mark’s face as if to say, “Sorry boys… this ones mine for life”, is priceless.

These two were made for eachother, (yes I realize how cheesy that sounds – BUT it is the truth!). The days leading up to their wedding were filled with many emotions, and it all came together fantastically, if I do say so myself!

Miranda Sommerville (Lucas)

Miranda Sommerville (Lucas)

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL MIRANDA IS! (I just had to state the obvious before continuing into the blog post further…)

I have many vendors to thank for making this day so successful: Of course, Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography (, Kori Obi Wahs of Huh? What! Hair Design (, the staff at Redtail Landing Golf Club, Janine Sebastian and James Monroe of La Piazza Dasee ( and a special thank you to Karina Cherniak, my amazing assistant for the day!

To the right is a breathtaking shot of the blushing bride just after the ceremony had finished. Miranda looks like an angel, the way her hair is pulled off of her face to showcase those big, blue eyes! Mom and dad were very proud that day, and I even got a letter of thank you from Paul Lucas, (FOB):

“Jordan you did an amazing job for Miranda and I wanted to just say thank u for everything you did.

It was truly an amazing day for the Lucas household and we had an amazing day. Thanks Jordan, I will certainly recommend you to all the other people I know who are considering the big day…

You’re a gem and I thank you; it’s a very small world…”

La Piazza Floral bouquet

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