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Atmosphere Accolades

Michelle and Jamison Kissel
Thanks so much for everything that you helped with! You were amazing and the decorations looked perfect... Exactly the way we wanted it to look!

Nikki and Chris
When we were first looking for a wedding planner, we didn't know exactly what to expect. However, after meeting with Jordan we were absolutely blown away. We knew immediately that he was going to be the one that would help us plan our wedding! We had found someone with creativity and that would give us a wedding that was unique and amazing. Jordan definitely delivered. We always had a preconceived notion that a relationship with a wedding planner would be very structured and formal, and that they would basically be there to handle contracts and setup on the day of the wedding. Jordan definitely is not like that. He recommends AMAZING vendors, he is always available when you need him, and he's not afraid to tell you the truth. He was extremely helpful over the year and a half that we worked with him and we can not thank him enough! We could go on and on all day about Jordan and how wonderful he is and how he truly became one of our friends. The best part is that he actually cares about his couples and he wants to make their wedding day dreams a reality. That's exactly what he did for us. People are still raving about our decor and how organized Jordan was and how everything was executed to perfection on our wedding day. We can not thank him enough and we are so grateful for everything that he has done for us. Our day was perfect and exactly what we wanted and we are so so happy!!

Thanks again Jordan, WE LOVE YOU!

Brett and Cecilia Kissel
Dear Jordan,

No words, in no fancy card could ever say or describe how appreciative we are for your hard work, help, love and support, etc. etc. We could not have done this day without you Jordan! This is the wedding of our dreams, and you're the guy who deserves the credit for the success of today!

We love you Jordan!

Marlaina & Mark
We met Jordan Broom approximately 2 months before our wedding at a friend’s wedding and I could not have been more impressed with the decor, I was drawn to meet the team responsible. I met Jordan and from his smile to his kind spirit I knew that he would be the best person to ensure that our day would be just as perfect. Although we had only hired Jordan for “day of” decor and planning, I was surprised and totally impressed with the extent at which he had gone above and beyond to make me feel at ease about every detail. I can truly say that Jordan was not only there to ensure that the day of my wedding was everything that I hoped for but he was there to shop with me, to give me guidance and to heighten my excitement about the day. He is excellent at brining every idea about your big day to life: we wanted a simple elegant winter wonderland wedding and that is exactly what we got. Jordan, we cannot thank you enough.

Johwanna Alleyne, www.tobeinpictures.com
Jordan brings the excitement and creativity that takes a wedding from good to great. He's got great ideas, a creative eye and a sense of glamour that brings the fun back to your wedding planning. He's got your back and makes all of the tiring and stressful part of your wedding less of a weight. He fixes the emergencies before you even have to stress about them. He's a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with.

Paul Lucas, Father of the Bride (Miranda and Mark)
Jordan you did an amazing job for Miranda and I wanted to just say thank u for everything you did.

It was truly an amazing day for the Lucas household and we had an amazing day. Thanks Jordan, I will certainly recommend you to all the other people I know who are considering the big day...

You're a gem and I thank you; it's a very small world...

Todd and Pauline
Searching for the perfect wedding planner is probably harder than searching for the perfect dress for the wedding day. So we aren't lying when we truly believe that when we met Jordan, it was pretty much "the one." While we were in Montreal, planning from a distance already put our nerves in high gear – but moving home, due to a family illness, only added more complex layers to this already inevitably intense and overwhelming occasion. Jordan not only met us half way – he walked a mile in our shoes and journeyed with us to through each detail. He helped us bring our vision and dreams to life – evolving and changing with us each step of the way. Not only did he and his team, vendors and behind-the-scene friends change our expectations of what the wedding-planning industry can be – our relationship, our big day, and now our future has grown because of the role he played in the coming together of the special day. We can't get over the details - decor, florals, personal touches (lambs!) – not to mention Jordan's ability to remain calm (even when our guest list increased to 650 within 3 weeks). Further, what we believe that sets Jordan apart is his integrity, honesty and genuine devotion to each bride and groom and their emotionally-laden day. It is these unsung virtues we have seen that will carry him one step further than anyone else. We will forever remember our new day, new year, new life – January 1st wedding – and are grateful that it was in the hands of our newest friend, Jordan. xo p&t.;

Urban Metropolis, Harman B and DJ Kwake
Jordan is creatively a genius! The overall feeling and atmosphere always has a great vibe about it, and everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves the entire evening! We very much look forward to our continued working relationship with Jordan and the awesome Atmosphere team!

Kelsey and James
Before I get to anything else, I have to say thank-you! The wedding was amazing, all we hoped for and more!! Everything you arranged from the flowers, music, Bill, the decor...it all came together so well and it was easy to relax and enjoy the day knowing you had everything under control. Thanks so much for your help to make our wedding such a special day!

Ron and Beth
We didn't know what we wanted exactly for our wedding, just that we wanted something small. At first I tried to tackle the planning myself; after starting to stress out over everything and not being able to choose anything, my fiance said "let's just get a planner". It didn't help that we don't currently live in Edmonton but were having it there. He found Jordan from searching online, so he got in contact to arrange a time to talk on the phone. After the first phone call we were sure we found the right person. I'll admit we had a few snags: when went to Edmonton a few times before the wedding we tried to meet up and, well, mother nature was against us with major snow storms! So, we continued planning through emails and phone calls. We finally met Jordan in person 2 days before the wedding to go over final details.

The day of the wedding was amazing! We had seen bits and pieces of what it would be like, so the day of our wedding was full of surprises that made it even more special to us. All of our guests had an amazing time, and were so impressed with everything.

A big thanks to Atmosphere and everyone involved in the planning!!! We had a perfect day.

Mr. Imran & Mrs. Nishin Visram
Thanks to Jordan and his team with Atmosphere Weddings! I ended up booking Atmosphere Weddings with less than two months to go before the wedding and it was the best decision I made. Jordan was a life saver, among other things, he sorted out my flowers, decorations and was there the entire wedding day sorting out last minute problems and making sure things all went smoothly and according to plan. I didn't worry about anything on the day and both my husband and I were really happy with the way everything turned out. I would definitely recommend getting a wedding planner and going with Atmosphere Weddings!

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